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Bus and School Locator

Step 1: Find your child's school:

Simply click on "Okay" under "School Locator by Address" to find out the school(s) your child(ren) will attend.

Locate Your Child's School By Address

If you have problems with this utility, please feel free to send your address to us via e-mail. We'll respond with your school as quickly as we can.

Step 2: Get your child registered!

Need to know what documents you need in order to register your child for school?

Click here for Registration Info!

Registration is handled at your child's school.

Step 3: Find your child's bus!

Use the bus and route locator to find your child's bus and bus stop. Click on the drop down arrow in the bus route locator utility, highlight your child's school, and then click on "Okay."

Please note:

Only Regular transportation routes (for transportation to your neighborhood school) are available through this page. This includes transportation to theme schools from the feeder elementary attendance areas. Other routes are not published on this web page due to the fact they contain personal, private student information.

Transportation information for Magnet, No Child Left Behind, STT, and Champion Theme MS are slated to be mailed starting August 4th. So please keep an eye on your mailbox during that week.

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