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Student Support Teams


The Student Support Team (SST) functions within a collaborative process to implement instructional and/or behavior interventions in the general educational setting. Interventions are data-driven and developed for individual students using research-based practices. The interventions are monitored on a continuous basis to determine student progress. The goal of SST is to develop interventions which assist students to reach their maximum achievement.


In order to insure that all students attain their maximum academic, social, and emotional potential, the DeKalb County Student Support Team (SST) will:
  • Provide a systematic process for responding to student needs through an immediate, efficient in-school approach
  • Establish an efficient flow of communication among professional personnel within the school setting.
  • Provide opportunity for all professional personnel to improve and develop skills in addressing the diverse needs of student while implementing scientifically-based interventions.
  • Plan, implement and document alternative interventions for meeting the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty with school progress.
  • Provide an environment in the general education setting within which the learning and/or adjustment needs of individual students may be met.
Student Support Team rest at Tier 3 of the Georgia Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions and can be found on the Georgia Department of Education at www.doe.k12.ga.us. Each school within the DCSS has a SST chairperson who manages the SST/Tier 3 referral process at the local school level. To make a referral for your child, please contact your local school's SST Chairperson.

For more information please contact:

Sandra Mason
Assistant Director of Student Support Services for SST/504/HHB
Office: 678-676-1979
Fax: 678-676-1828
Email: www.sandra_mason@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us

Thelma Smith
Administrative Assistant


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