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Kingsley Elementary
2051 Brendon Drive
Dunwoody, Georgia 30338
678-874-8900 (Information)
678-874-8902 (Office)
678-874-8907 (Clinic)
678-874-8910 (Fax)
678-874-8936 (PTA Voice Mail)
Principal: Dr. Jasmine C. Smith
Grades: PreK - 5th
Enrollment: 400
Community Information: Morning Bus Routes
School Calendar
Board Members: Mrs. Nancy Jester
Dr. Pam Speaks
PTA President:
Business Partners: Perimeter College
Northside Hospital
North DeKalb/Dunwoody Kiwanis
Jersey Mike's Subs
Domino's Pizza-Dunwoody
School Website: http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/kingsley/
The theme of Kingsley Charter School is Brain Compatible Learning. Kingsley delivers instruction through the arts, literature, writing, and movement. The classroom climate supports learning by providing a caring, safe, and enriching environment, and instruction reflects high challenge and low stress. Higher order thinking skills are developed through a rigorous and challenging curriculum, and the focus is on differentiated instruction to meet each child's needs. Students participate in cooperative learning groups, literature circles, Reading Renaissance, and many other small and whole group activities to develop creativity, social skills and academic skills.
The Kingsley Charter School provides brain compatible classrooms which are defined by four principles.

  • A safe and non-threatening environment is provided through alternative seating, movement, music and colors, which help children to overcome anxiety.
  • A stimulating and varied curriculum is reflected by the fact that the instructional activities in all academic areas are focused to provide for the different forms of intelligence.
  • Students are expected to solve problems, conduct experiments and draw conclusions about course content, thus developing concepts and critical thinking skills.
  • Students receive accurate and timely feedback which challenges them to extend their thinking and test their ideas.
  • Challenging Academic Program/ Low Stress Environment
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Cooperative Learning Groups
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • School-based Math Facts incentive program
  • Math compacting
  • Annual Book Character Dress Up Day to kick off Accelerated Reader program
  • After-school enrichment programs in drama, sports, journalism, gardening, Science Olympiad, and tutoring
  • Parents are expected to sign an educational contract and participate in a service program. Last year parents logged 8,002 volunteer hours.
  • Students are expected to wear uniforms
  • Students with severe behavior problems will be expelled from the Charter School
  • Small Fry to Go program
  • Kathy Kundmueller is Kingsley's 2010 Teacher of the Year.
  • Kingsley’sCharter Council was recognized as the 2008 National Parent Teacher Group of the Year by PTO Today Magazine.
  • Several winners in the state-wide Math Fest.
  • Small Fry to Go program named number one national afterschool science program by U.S. Congress.
  • Annual participation in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, Spelling Bee, Social Science Fair, and various writing and poster contests.

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