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Elementary Schools


Allgood Elementary
Ashford Park Elementary
Atherton Elementary
Austin Elementary
Avondale Elementary
Bob Mathis Elementary
[E.L.] Bouie Elementary
Briarlake Elementary
Briar Vista Elementary
Brockett Elementary
Browns Mill Elementary
Canby Lane Elementary
Cary Reynolds Elementary
Cedar Grove Elementary
Chapel Hill Elementary
Chesnut Elementary
Clifton Elementary
Columbia Elementary
DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts
Dresden Elementary
Dunaire Elementary
Dunwoody Elementary
Eldridge Miller Elementary
Evansdale Elementary
Fairington Elementary
Fernbank Elementary
Flat Rock Elementary
Flat Shoals Elementary
Glen Haven Elementary
Gresham Park Elementary


Hambrick Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Henderson Mill Elementary
Hightower Elementary
Huntley Hills Elementary
Idlewood Elementary
Indian Creek Elementary
Jolly Elementary
Kelley Lake Elementary
Kingsley Elementary
Kittredge Elementary
Knollwood Elementary
Laurel Ridge Elementary
Livsey Elementary
Marbut Elementary
McLendon Elementary
Meadowview Elementary
Medlock Elementary
Midvale Elementary
Midway Elementary
Montclair Elementary
Montgomery Elementary
Murphey Candler Elementary
Narvie Harris Elementary
Oakcliff Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Oak View Elementary


Panola Way Elementary
Peachcrest Elementary
Pine Ridge Elementary
Pleasantdale Elementary
Princeton Elementary
Rainbow Elementary
Redan Elementary
Robert Shaw Elementary
Rockbridge Elementary
Rock Chapel Elementary
Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy
Rowland Elementary
Sagamore Hills Elementary
Shadow Rock Elementary
Sky Haven Elementary
Smoke Rise Elementary
Snapfinger Elementary
Stone Mill Elementary
Stone Mountain Elementary
Stoneview Elementary
Toney Elementary
Vanderlyn Elementary
Wadsworth Elementary
Woodridge Elementary
Woodward Elementary
Wynbrooke Elementary

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